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The Secret to Safe and Healthy Food Storage unveiled

Most people know that bacteria is foods number one enemy, but did you know oxygen is equally so?

Oxygen oxidizes, which means it changes the chemistry, making things erode or degrade and it loves to damage food this way. Oxygen also fuels bacteria, like us they are living organisms, that depend on oxygen- with it we thrive, without it we do not survive! And what’s more, oxygen causes freezer burn. It does this by attracting moisture out of food, from the superficial parts initially and affecting deeper portions over time, effectively dehydrating it. Soon enough ice crystals form along the food surface edges, indicating the dumping ground of the extracted moisture.

So the secret is now out; Vacwel have conveniently launched a NEW premium quality, USA made, custom designed vacuum sealer bags for freezing food, which specifically counteracts each component of the freezer burn process. They are not going to be a secret for much longer because at the crazy discounted launch price that they are being advertised for on Amazon at the moment word is spreading and they are selling quickly. Vacwel have developed a quart size, premium quality vacuum food sealer bag that works perfectly for all types of clamp-style vacuum food sealing appliances. They are being sold in packs of 64, three sides pre-sealed and Ready to Use, making them the smartest bulk replacement option for when your old FoodSaver, Seal-A-Meal or VacMaster food sealer bags run low.

Vacwel sealer bags are without doubt the best quality vacuum sealer bag for food on the market, but what distinguishes them is that they are not only custom designed to counter freezer burn, they are 100 percent USA made. All materials sourced from within the USA. What’s more they are guaranteed to work well with all types of vacuum sealing machine. It is reported that “more than 95% of Vacuum sealer bags for food are imported from China”, for this reason Vacwel feels strongly about its premium quality alternative. “When it comes to food handling, we feel peoples’ health is too important. Our US standards repute far superior, so why take the risk?”.

“If you have a vacuum-clamp sealing machine, you want to purchase food vacuum bags that are compatible with the machine but that also are quality-made to keep your food safe, poor plastic quality can leach into your food, especially at extreme temperatures” said Allie Towgood, MSc (Nutrition and Dietetics). According to the owner, “Since Vacwel design and manufacture their vacuum sealer bags for food exclusively in the USA, not only can they be trusted for food safety, but their unique embossed design signifies maximum air extraction and a seamless vacstrip seal to lock in vital nutrients and tasty flavors.”

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