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Vacuum Storage Bag Instructions and F.A.Q.


Frequently Asked Questions for Vacwel Fabric Storage Bags

What can I store in my Vacwel vacuum storage bags?

Our bags are designed for storing bulky hard to store textiles such as blankets, ski outfits, quilts, winter sweaters, duvets, pillows, towels, diapers, curtains, cushions, fleeces, linen, seasonal clothing, and the like… Many customers have also had great success using Vacwel bags for home relocations, reducing travel luggage volume, soft toy storage and compacting garbage. 

How important is it to re-fit the screw cap back on the bag before storing?

If you want to store contents for longer than a day it is essential to securely and tightly fasten the valve cap to create the double seal lock over the valve.

What is the recommended bag-content filling capacity?

Overfilling your vacuum bags can make it very difficult to ensure a reliable air-tight seal is created. We recommend that a minimum 10cm of empty space is left above the bag contents and below the opening seal level. There should be minimal opening pressure preventing seal closure.

To ensure you have made a firm seal, we strongly recommend sliding the zipper back and forth once or twice again after the filled bag has been vacuumed down.

Can I use Vacwel storage bags in my travel suitcase to create more space inside?

We have received great feedback from customers using Vacwel bags for travel. All reporting the benefits of being able to pack so much more for their travel adventures. Travelers using Vacwel storage bags really appreciate not being confined to small space allowances or being forced into only taking select garment options. 

Travel vacuum pumps can be purchased, however in our experience using a powered vacuum machine is much more efficient. If you anticipate there not being a powered vacuum, we suggest sealing the bag, twisting the valve lid off and compressing the air out the valve with your body weight on a soft surface floor.  

Note: with significant altitude fluctuations, vacuumed bags can decompress slightly.

Will my Vacwel storage bags protect my textiles from moisture, mildew and insects?

Yes, all Vacwel bags are airtight, water proof and impenetrable to insects. As long as contents are inserted dry and are properly sealed in a dry environment then contents will not be subject to dampness, odors, moisture or mildew.

What if I have lost the zipper, can I still lock-seal my Vacwel bag?

It is recommended to securely seal the bags with the Vacwel zip slider provided. These zippers have the best functional design of any alternative zipper according to our extensive comparison research.

We recommend that if you lose a zip slider to borrow a zip slider from another Vacwel bag in your multi bag pack.
If that is not an option, you may like to try using your fingers. You will need to check back and forth to ensure that the seal is aligned for complete closure.

We are currently working on a zip slider equally as effective that remains fixed to the bag.

What conditions should I store in?

Ideally packed bags should be stored between 37°F (or 3°C) and 101°F (or 38°C) in a place well away from any abrasive edges or surfaces. Storage bags should not be forced into a tight fitting space where the plastic material could potentially be torn.

Note that large temperature and altitude fluctuations are liable to cause some slight pressure release.

Should the valve leak air?

No. Vacwel uses a double seal system to ensure that storage bags remain airtight. Our silicone valve technology provides a first level of air tight seal which is reinforced by the screw on cap. If you note air leakage, then both parts of the valve must be evaluated for correct positioning.

Can I use Vacwel storage bags for leather jackets, down containing articles or my fur apparel?

We do not recommend using Vacwel bags for leather and fur items. Intensive pressure is sustained inside the bags and we wouldn’t want you to damage your precious garments as a result. We do not recommend storing down-filled items in the bags. However some customers have reported that if you reduce the bag size by no more than 50%, their down-filled textiles recover well as long as they are fluffed out at least every 6 months. We ask that if you choose to, you do this only at your own risk.

Are there storage time limitations?

No, the amount of time you store contents away for in your Vacwel bags is for you to decide. We recommend that certain contents, depending on the fabric, be fluffed out every 6 months. For example, duvets, down-filled items and other textiles that could benefit from some aeration.

How are compressed vacuum bags best transported?

We recommend you lift the bag as a whole from underneath or hold the sides of the bag rather than pulling on one part of the plastic material. In cases where contents might be heavy, pulling at one area of the plastic might cause the material to weaken or stretch.

Do not drag your pressurized bags across a floor.

For long distance transportation we recommend insulating the bag with something like a towel or blanket to prevent rubbing-friction from adjacent objects. Whilst our bags are stronger than competing brands, they still are liable to puncture when pressurized, especially if they need to endure long periods of surface friction from surrounding items. Also, items often unexpectedly moved during long-hauls and an insulating layer adds an extra layer of insurance. 

Can I store food in my Vacwel storage bags?

Vacwel storage bags are not designed to store food however we do have a range of Food Storage Bags specifically designed for this purpose.

Will my stored contents get badly crinkled?

This largely depends upon how careful you are in arranging the contents whilst packing and preparing for storage. To minimize crinkling we suggest carefully folding and packing your items into the bags. The key is to vacuum air out in small stages so during pauses you can adjust and mold the bag along with the inside items, keeping them correctly positioned. The process may require a helping hand from another person.

The fabric type is what largely determines whether your contents are prone to becoming wrinkled during storage.

Are Vacwel storage bags water-resistant?

Yes. All contents will remain dry in Vacwel storage bags so long as they are completely dry prior to inserting in the bags and are prepared in a dry environment.

Vacwel storage bags are not suitable for washing in a machine, but they can be wiped clean by hand as long as they are wiped dry after their clean.

Do I need to wash contents after vacuum bag storage?

There is no need to wash your items if they were inserted dry and clean. Vacwel storage bags are dust, moisture, mildew, insect and odor resistant when prepared correctly.

How many times can I re-use my Vacwel storage bags?

As long as you use your bags according to the guidelines we have provided we expect that you will get multiple uses out of your Vacwel bags.

Tips for ensuring your air tight seal?

Once you have sealed, then vacuumed your bag down, slide the zipper back and forth once more across the large opening to double ensure you have all of it completely sealed.

Secondly check that the screw cap is secured straight and is closed firmly.

It doesn’t need to be overly tight.

Lastly make sure the pressurized vacuum bags avoid any sharp edges or hard surfaces.

Wrap a towel or blanket around the bag if need be, this is a great idea if you plan to store in a high risk area, such as sliding under a bed that might have loose springs or a toy parts under there.

Likewise if you are squeezing a bag into a tight drawer some insulation will help insure its integrity.

How to reduce crinkles and make a true flat vacuumed product?

Simply, take a little bit more time to suck air out in stages while applying cushioned weights to hold the bag corners apart and maintain their separation while air is being extracted. Be careful not to use something that could pierce the plastic. We suggest enlisting a second person to help.

While vacuuming, if you see an area being bunched up, stop the vacuum and maneuver the contents before re-applying the vacuum.

It may take mutiple times but at the end you will have a beautifully flat vacuumed product.

For the extra minute of work this is a wonderful trick in preserving treasured garments like wedding dresses, suits or antiques.