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Our Ratings: Design 5/5    Performance 5/5    Capacity 5/5    Durability 5/5    Value 5/5

What Stands Out
  • These bags are jumbo-sized and can store comforters, clothing bundles, or oversized plush toys.

What Could Be Improved
  • It’s an expensive option for just five bags.

With the Vacwel Vacuum Storage Bags, you get jumbo bags that you can use to pack away your clothes in a closet, garage, or under your bed. Each 47- x 35-inch bag features a double-seal plus an airtight vacuum valve system that protects your belongings from dust and moisture way better than a regular trash bag could. But, it does not come with a pump.

Although we used a shop vacuum to compress our bag, any standard vacuum cleaner would be able to flatten it. Strangely enough, the hardest part for us was attaching zip tags—which were separate from the bag. Once we got over this hump, compressing the bag was easy. We were able to fit two pillows and three sheet sets with lots of leftover space. We think if the pillows were compressed beforehand, we probably could have squeezed more items into the bag.

Overall, this bag is specially designed for long-term storage. But, you do want to make sure that no clothes are obstructing the valve so you get maximum results. The bag is also impenetrable when it comes to moisture. It lost no air over our 24-hour testing period and suffered no leaks, even when we completely submerged it in water. Our only real beef with this bag has to do with the price. It’s $36 for a set—which is a lot to pay for just five bags. 

Price at time of publish: $36

Material: Polypropylene | Size: 47 x 35 inches | Seal Type: Zipper, valve | Included Accessories: None

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