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She Knows names Vacwel as the best space saver bags for maximum storage

By Ellen Niz, She Knows

Whether you need to maximize space in your home, luggage or moving boxes, these space saver bags condense clothing, pillows, linens and more to a fraction of their original size. Not only will the airtight bags save you space, they also protect your items from moisture, odors, dust, insects, vermin and more.

When shopping for space saver bags, size is key. Most space saver bags tout being able to reduce the size of items by 60 to 80 percent, but they have to fit into the bags at their original size first. Choose extra large or jumbo bags to fit pillows, cushion, bulky linens and fluffy winter jackets and coats for off-season storage. Medium and small bags are best for vacuum compressing smaller textiles — especially clothing being packed for travel. 

Make sure space saver bags are made of thick, durable material and feature quality zipper seals and airtight valves. Some bags can be compressed with a hand pump that may or may not be included, while a standard vacuum nozzle can be attached to others. Roll-up compression bags require neither, and can be better for use while traveling.

Ready to maximum your storage or luggage space? Check out these options for the best space saver bags to use for large items, long-term storage, travel, convenience and budget. Perfect for use in your home, garage, or storage space as well as on the go, these compression storage bags will save you space and protect your belongings.


1. Vacwel Vacuum Storage Bags

At 43 by 30 inches (jumbo) and 32 by 21 inches (large) in size, this pack of 12 extra-large space saver bags are ideal for storing bulky comforters, duvets, blankets, and cushions. Proven to condense most textile volumes down to one-third of their original volume, the compression bags are made of an extra thick material to reduce tearing and ensure protection from outside elements with a simple-to-use seal closure system. A triple valve technology maximizes air expulsion, and a regular vacuum nozzle is all that is required to remove air. Vacwel also touts a 100% no-fuss, money back satisfaction guarantee.

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