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Do you Vacuum seal your food yet?

Vacuum food storage systems have been in existence since the 1940's saving many households thousands of dollars in reduced food wastage.

Food can now be preserved 5x longer! It is simple, restrict oxygen exposure, limit bacterial contamination and freeze.

Each of which is taken care of with Vacwel vacuum sealer bags in combination with your Foodsaver or Seal-A-Meal vacuum machine.

Without proper preservation, you will notice a difference in appearance, the texture will be dry, taste will be dull and smell strong.

When bacteria breaks down organic enzymes; ammonia, sulphides and organic acids are produced as by-products causing discoloration, a slimy feeling and an off-odor.

Most importantly bacteria ridden food can make you sick.

Since Vacwel vacuum seal bags deprive bacteria of oxygen, this will not be the case.

Instead, your food will taste fresh and be full of flavor like the moment you sealed it in.

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Vacwel offers a customer satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy with their vacuum bags you can return them for a full refund.

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